Fractal Wisdom

I have a deep intuition that a better (more satisfying) way must exist to surf the fringe between disciplines. So far, I feel dissatisfied with the tools available, but thinking more deeply about how I would tweak them to make them better. Here are some examples:

First, iOS app ‘Silk’ is a wonderful generative art application that allows for the easy creation of mesmerizing patterns. I love mixing the colors and playing with the symmetry. TWEAK-IT: I would love to be able to rewind a stroke, or undo a stroke and save it to a clipboard, re-pasting it at a different time. I would also like to have a subtractive mode: often the layers get so heavy that it all turns to white, and I’m either forced to start over, or be very cautious about adding and undoing a stroke. Finally, I would like to control the “roughness” of the stroke independent of speed. Drawing fast tends to smooth out the curve, and add’s a nice flair, but also decreases the accuracy considerably. If I used a multitouch gesture (separate finger lightly for linear, heavy for smeary) to control the roughness, with the other features mentioned, I feel like I could fiddle and tweak it more satisfactorily.

I also can’t help think that some similar controls for playing fractal style generative music might be more satisfying than the Kurzweiling/Wolframian styles of bleep-blop stylings.

Also thinking about how such a generative interface might be interesting in exporing the fringe of film. The Austin Jewish Film Festival is going on now, and I’m not going to be able to make it to some of the films that look great. I notice that some are coming to Netflix, so that’s promising… Then I start to wonder, what influence do film festivals like Austin’s have on Netflix selections. It seems that there is a real opportunity to create mutual value between film-makers, Netflix, and viewers. Perhaps this is already taking place, but again, the abilty to tweak/fiddle/adjust my preferences and leanings might show me better what I’d otherwise miss.

There is a TEDx talk that covers a similar idea in looking at workers who have inherently unstable schedule, but good skills and work ethic. The problem of matching demand to supply is handled well in securities exchange markets, but not in employment markets (still searching my history for the link).

I imagine a haptic glove that allows my hand to gather feedback on roughness by streaming through a 3-dimensional density space of variable nodes with dial-able characteristics.